PD-12 combination weighing machine

PD-12 combination weighing machine


The PD-12 static combination scale enhances the measurement accuracy and productivity of the revolutionary weighing instrument. It can prevent the short-term shortage and greatly improve the efficiency of quantitative measurement. The measurement accuracy is improved. The output rate is suitable for the quantitative packaging of small and medium-sized bags. Product Features The weighing pans of different specifications are easy to operate and efficient. Even those who have not received special training can perform the metering operation, which can improve the raw material output rate and improve the production efficiency. Desktop combination scale performance case fish fillet, beef,

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PD-12 static combination weighing machine

Revolutionary scale to improve metering accuracy and productivity

Reliable measurement work and can prevent shortness and loss

Greatly improve the efficiency of quantitative metering

Significantly improve measurement accuracy and increase output rate

Quantitative packaging for small and medium bag products

Different specifications of weighing pans can be selected according to different product features

Easy to operate and efficient

Even the operator who has not been specially trained can perform the metering operation, which can improve the raw material output rate and increase the production efficiency.

Desktop combination scale performance case

Fish fillets, beef, carrots, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, ginger, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, spinach,


Put an end to the phenomenon of short and short

Quantitative weighing speed is greatly improved

Double improvement in precision and productivity

All stainless steel material (waterproof specification)

Priority weighing pan setting (the set weighing pan must be combined every time)

Combination of weight and count (weight combination according to the number of set pans)

Single setting function (If you remove irregular items, you can set the upper and lower limits of the single weight in advance)

[product parameters]

physical dimension

1125 ( D ) * 510 ( W ) * 336 ( H ) mm

Weighing pan size

135 ( D ) * 195 ( W ) mm


220V +10%-15% 50/60HZ

Operating temperature range


Humidity range

30%-85% RH (no condensation)

equipment weight



IP65 standard

Measurement method


Number of weighing pans

10. 12

Weighing range

1500g (Chinese) / 3000g (English)

Graduation value

1g (combination calculation accuracy 0.1g)

Maximum peeling

1500g (Chinese) / 3000g (English)

Measurement accuracy

1-5g (The conditions may vary depending on the shape of the object to be measured)

Number of recordable programs


Combination range


Combination speed

10-30 times / min (manual)

Standard function

Combine by weight, combine by weight and number, prioritize combination, automatically recalculate, scale self-test, combination scale sleep, approximate combination, combination number setting, automatic zero correction, retention product detection, one-button peeling function .

Optional accessories

Memory card, external scale (only one), special weighing pan, internal heater for preventing condensation.

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