Weighing machine

CW-450 automatic weig...
Features: ...
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CW-450 automatic weighing machine
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Metal detector

MD-400/200 metal dete...
Features: 1, using phase adjustment technology, can ef...
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MD-400/200 metal detector
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Gold check weighing machine

MDC-350 gold inspecti...
Reinforced stainless steel frame; comprehensive waterproof design.
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MDC-350 gold inspection weighing machine
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Needle detector

ND-600 single probe n...
【Features】 1 independent probes, excellent anti-inte...
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ND-600 single probe needle detector
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Company Profile

Our company is specialized in providing advanced testing solutions and high-level equipment for metal detector manufacturers, such as needle detectors, weighing machines, weight sorters, automatic weighing machines, food weighing machines, online weighing machines, weight selection. Other machines, metal detectors, food metal detectors, etc...

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“Jushizhao” adheres to the principle of “Customer First, Credit First” to create a high-quality product image and corporate reputation. And to create a new image of "Torzn", a Chinese brand, and become one of the domestic and internationally renowned manufacturers of intelligent testing equipment...
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Featured Products

  • CW-220 online weighing machine
  • CW-450 automatic weighing machine
  • MD-400/200 metal detector
  • CW-600 food weighing machine
  • ND-600 single probe needle detector
  • CW-500 weighing machine
  • ND-30 handheld needle detector
  • MD-600/200 metal detector


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