The future development direction of weighing machine


With the development of the intelligent economy, artificial intelligence has gradually replaced artificial production and production, and has put forward higher requirements for the production and production of smart devices.

The era of knowledge economy has arrived. The requirements for new technology content of symmetric heavy machinery products in various sectors of the national economy, various industries and international markets are getting higher and higher. This requires weighing instrument companies to provide more new products with high technology content, new structure and good quality, and the economic and social structure is undergoing qualitative changes. For example, miniaturization, integration, digitization, and functional weighing equipment. Especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

To this end, weighing equipment manufacturers must improve technology research, improve scientific and technological strength and independent innovation capabilities, integrate with the international market as soon as possible, and open up two markets at home and abroad. At present and in the recent period, the competition for weighing equipment is mainly the competition between manufacturing technology and manufacturing process. In the mass production of online weight sorters, a series of technologies are required, and advanced manufacturing techniques and manufacturing processes must be vigorously developed. Turn raw materials and components into various weight detectors required by the market. Shanghai Juzhao has produced a number of high, precise, accurate and stable weighing equipment ahead of the domestic advanced level.

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