Automatic weighing machine for multi-function applications


The automatic weighing machine is a specialized equipment used by food and pharmaceutical companies to measure the weight of products online. This kind of testing equipment not only ensures the accuracy of the product weight, but also reduces the production waste caused by the weight exceeding the standard value, and also increases the trust of the product in the customer's mind. With the increase in the number of automatic weighing machines in the production process and the increase in the role of the machine, the equipment is gradually converted from a simple weight detection steering system integrated weight detection. The combination of devices also enhances and improves work efficiency. So let's see how the automatic weighing machine can be combined with those machines?

The automatic weighing machine can be combined with a metal detector . This combination can share an automatic rejecting device, which saves the company a lot of cost and improves the working efficiency.

The combination of automatic weighing machine and packaging machine, the advantage of this type of combination is that the accuracy of the packaging machine can be continuously adjusted online, effectively avoiding the loss caused by the previous shutdown of the filling machine.

The automatic weighing machine is used together with the inkjet printer, the scanner, and the labeling machine.

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