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2015-10-30 7:54:09

Shanghai Juzhao Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has a special opinion on metal detectors
The first step in the campaign is to purchase one (or more) portable heavy metal detectors in a month's time. The 0 system-driven microcomputer display system enables all functions to be completed on-site. Customized windows ce only retains the most basic windows and delta system-related functions, making the program more flexible. Each unit of the craftsman conducts a monthly inspection of the flawless condition of the ladder, and has a faulty real-time maintenance, and is well documented; 2 It is recommended that the customer conduct a thorough cleaning the day before the audit and assist the inspection personnel to check the quality of the warehouse. Because this instrument has low activity for defect detection and is incapable of determining the position of the defect, operability is also limited. In addition, he was detained in a small room without considerable reason.
A portable heavy metal detector, software plus hardware, may cost 400,000 yuan. The craftsman carried out the specific implementation of the method before the maintenance, and proposed the danger of violation of the rules and pedestrians. The charterer is responsible for whether the deputy captain of the electromechanical organization organizes the personnel to handle the roof scales and the separated coal and the sheet coal in the working area before the overhaul; 2 Jewelry cut-off and business ability 质量 Jewelry products quality tempering, value evaluation, marketing ability. The driving route import sets a comprehensive sheriff's signboard that prohibits vehicles and personnel from entering. Therefore, if the purpose of the poor person’s inspection at the airport is to obtain evidence, then the true element should be met—the “reasonable reason” and the formal requirement—the “descriptor” requirement, otherwise the act violates the Fourth Amendment. The evidence obtained should be excluded.
Metal detector operation operating procedures. The servant's foreman and the security inspector took care of the knockouts and asked for the homework. If they found that they did not follow the scales, they immediately avoided it and responded to the responsible person. ? The pressure of the roller is 30 kg. Since the first heat load test on December 12, 2003, the ajc system control function of the coiling has reached the predetermined requirement. The response time of the servo valve is 13ms. The position control (cpc) The response time is 50ms, the response time of the step control (cpr) is 80ms, and the roll can be usefully controlled at speeds of 1 mm/s and 0.1 mm/s.
In order to gain weight, the counterfeiters even added metal powder and iron wire to Cordyceps, and buyers had to purchase x-ray machines and metal detectors to distinguish the authenticity at any time. The picture shows the Cordyceps business market in Qinlan, Xining City, Qinghai Province, where both parties are negotiating business. The digital instruments produced by different manufacturers may use different circuit settings to retain the analog circuit department. The first and foremost point is that the ultrasonic signal of the first-stage head is subject to analog-to-digital conversion. After the digital processing is displayed. Electromechanical Matter j3d39 Medium Running Equipment Page 24 Baidugou Coal Mine General Risk Docking Table Risk Assessment. Fig. 3 The basic circuit block diagram of the 7a type pulse reflection ultrasonic detector 2 The work of the work affair instrument is summarized as follows: First, the synchronous circuit generates a periodic synchronous pulse signal at a given frequency. The triggering transmitting circuit generates an excitation electric pulse to be applied to the probe to generate a pulsed ultrasonic wave. On the other hand, the sawtooth wave is applied to the x-axis deflecting plate of the oscilloscope, so that the light spot moves from left to right with time. Dot-level management, responsible person, supervision personnel number, with team leader, mechanical and electrical inspectors, safety supervisors, sdbd-zcd-control console operator, 03, with the team leader, responsible for the supervision of the console operator, whether the power is cut off before the personnel enters the three-machine maintenance, and found that When the power is turned off, it is necessary to require it to be rectified immediately, and reward and punishment for responding to the responsible person.

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